East Silver Market - Call For Submissions 2010

The 7th edition of East Silver documentary market specialized in Eastern and Central European documentary is now open for submission! Submit your film to the biggest internationally recognized database of creative  feature and television documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Call for completed documentaries produced 2009 – 2010, English subtitled or with English voiceover, with trailer and documentary projects in development.Submissions deadline is 31st of July 2010.
Submission is also valid for JIDFF (www.dokument?festival.cz) programme preselection and Doc Aliance
(www.docalliancefilms.com) preselection.

Submit your documentary via our online ENTRYFORM
at http://www.eastsilver.net/en/east?silver/entry?form/

Please send 2 DVD screeners and any additional press and promo materials:
East Silver, ?kolsk? 12, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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