7 Ukrainian Features to Be Released This Fall

This year Ukraine has already enjoyed a number of premieres, namely 14. The second half of the year will bring 7 more feature films of Ukrainian origin to the theatres. What’s intriguing here – we have one feature animation and one fantasy in the list. Here are the known release dates of the upcoming movies.

October, 13th – ‘Nicky Tanner’, a feature animation directed by Manouk Deloyan
October, 14th – ‘The Red One’ directed by Zaza Buadze
October – ‘Chungul’ directed by Alyoshechkin brothers
November, 10th – ‘The Nest of the Turtledove’ directed by Taras Tkachenko
November – ‘The Rules of the Fight’ directed by Oleksiy Shaparyev
Fall – ‘Alive’ directed by Taras Khymych
December, 22nd – ‘The Stronghold’, a fantasy fairy tale directed by Yuri Kovalyov

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