The 100th anniversary of the famous Battle of Kruty is marked by a new feature film from Ukrainian filmmakers directed by Oleksiy Shaparyev. Written by Kostyantyn Konovalov. Cast: Oleksandr Piskunov, Oleksiy Trytenko, Roman Yasinovsky, Natalia Vasko, Ostap... Read more

A new music video from a French singer Cecille Cassel aka HollySiz is shot on location in Ukraine. Directed by Thibault Dumoulin. Cinematography by David Foulkes. Choreography by Caroline Bouquet. [youtube... Read more

The creators of a family comedy 'Foxter & Max' have presented its first teaser. The movie is scheduled for theatrical release for Fall 2018. Directed by Anatoly Mateshko. Written by Scott Parisien & Anastasiya Mateshko. Cinematography by Dmytro... Read more

A new music video from Khrystyna Soloviy from her upcoming album. Directed by Anna Buryachkova. Photography by Olena Chekhovska. Art direction by David Kharaishvili. [youtube... Read more

The premiere of a new feature movie for all audiences is scheduled on January, 25th. The feature is directed by Olesya Morgunets-Isayenko. The script written by Victor Hres is based on Volodymyr Korolenko's story 'Yom Kippur'. Cast: Andriy Isayenko,... Read more

The creators of a children sci-fi adventure 'Bobot' have presented the first theatrical teaser. The project is directed by Max Ksjonda. Written by Ivan Tymshyn. Cinematography by Volodymyr Ivanov. Produced & postproduced by Oleksiy Moskalenko / Mental... Read more

The creators of a feature '5th Therapy' have presented the official trailer. The movie tells a story of a real person and a lead actor of the movie Stas Dombrovsky, a poet, a criminal and a drug addict fighting his demons. Directed by Alisa Pavlovska.... Read more

The producers of 'Cyborgs' feature which starts in theaters on December, 7th, have presented an astounding line of characters' posters. A usual marketing move for any Western motion picture, this finally becomes a recognized practice in Ukraine. As Ukraine... Read more

The highest grossing Ukrainian movie ever, 'Dzidzio: Smuggling' has been sold for China theatrical release. As for the end of Ukrainian 12-weeks run the movie has 22M UAH in box office with 310 000 viewers.  Read more

A new music video from a rising star of Ukrainian progressive pop music 'The Hardkiss'. The video directed by Veleriy Bebko & shot entirely at the Chornomorsk ship-repair plant near Odesa. [youtube... Read more

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